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In case of flight cancellation by Customers, we have below cancellation policy accordingly:

Before 07 days 30% fares
6 days to 4 days 50% fares
3 days to 2 days 70% fares
Within 48 hours 90% fares
< 24 hours Non-Refundable
No Show Non-Refundable


This section explains the common causes of delays and cancellations and our solutions offered to guests in these events happen.

Nobody loves to fly more than we do, but there are certain instances in which our operations may be temporarily halted for safety reasons. Adverse weather conditions such as high winds or limited visibility can at times affect flights. Sometimes, there are other extra-ordinary circumstances including air traffic congestions, aircraft unserviceability, technical issues etc. that may cause us to delay, cancel or re-route our flights for safety reasons. While we’ll always do whatever is within our power to assist our passengers, we cannot be held responsible for losses resulting from the delay or cancellation of flights.

The most common cause of flight delays and cancellations is due to unfavorable weather conditions. And here is why.
In Northern Vietnam, our landscape is awe-inspiringly beautiful under bright sunny skies. It can also be rainy, windy, foggy or in some instances, a combination of all of the above.
The safety and comfort of our guests is our number one priority. Our seaplane pilots fly by visual reference, which means that they have to be able to see where they're going. For this reason, our experienced pilots and ground operations teams have a constant eye on the sky. If the weather conditions are not optimal, it may cause us to delay, cancel or re-route our flights for safety reasons. At HAA, if we can’t get you to your destination in times of unfavorable weather conditions, we will offer you alternative transportation in order to help you get to your destination safely.

As a reference below is the typical weather situation in Northern Vietnam by month and estimates of the probability of flight cancellation:

Jan Foggy 15%
Feb Foggy 15%
Mar Foggy 15%
Apr Good 10%
May Very Good <5%
Jun Very Good <5%
Jul Very Good <5%
Aug Good. Chance of rain late in the day 10%
Sep Good. Chance of rain late in the day 5%
Oct Good. Chance of rain late in the day 10%
Nov Good 10%
Dec Foggy 15%

We are frequently asked by our customers: “The weather is ok at my departure point – why is the flight canceled?”

The weather patterns in Northern Vietnam can produce great differences in conditions only a few miles apart. It may be that the flight route has weather conditions below our company limits.
Conditions can also change very, very quickly. So, you may have reasonable weather above your head but don’t forget we cover some 220 km per hour at around 300 km per hour on our tour and the weather just a couple of miles away may not be suitable. Occasionally, the weather at our departure point is unfavorable but just a couple of miles away there is unlimited visibility and clear blue skies.

We will attempt to keep you inform you at least 2 hours prior to the departure time if the flight is canceled.
This is to allow you have enough time to arrange land transportation to reach your destination on time. However, as the weather status may change unexpectedly or other extraordinary circumstances may occur last minute, there will be times when a flight is canceled within 2 hours prior to the flight time.
As an HAA passenger, you may be contacted by email, phone or text with weather updates, so please make sure that we have your correct contact information. You can always call our reservations line +84 (0) 962 960 689 (or +84 (0) 919 136 089) and speak with a real, live human being as well.

Solutions for guests when cancellations/delays happen

 HAA will offer guests 2 options to choose from
1 Re-schedule flight: guest can change to another flight without extra fee (within 3 months). No refund will be made
2 Refund to guest: note that refunds of payments made through booking agents must be sought from the booking agent. Any single USED services with HAA, to be deducted from total amount before refund


Transfer from Noi Bai airport to downtown Hanoi (free)
If guests are already at Noi Bai airport, HAA will offer a free one-time transfer to downtown Hanoi


Transfer to destination by shuttle bus (with charge)

Upon guests' request, HAA will arrange a shuttle bus transfer for guests from Hanoi to Halong or vice versa. The trip will be 3-3.5 hours long. Guests are responsible for the paying the cost of this service.

The cost of one-way transfer : VND 818,824/ passenger

Capacity of shuttle bus: 16 seats

Transfer to destination by private car (with charge)

Upon guests’ request, HAA will arrange a private car transfer for guests from Hanoi to Halong or vice versa. The trip will be 3-3.5 hours long. Guests are responsible for the paying the cost of this service.

Below is the price per vehicle per way (VND):

Itinerary 4 seat car  7 seat car   16 seat van Limousine 7 seats
Hanoi/Noi Bai - Tuan Chau/ Bai Chay  2,320,000 2,702,118 2,975,059 4,612,706
Tuan Chau - Bai Chay/Hon Gai 818,824 955,294 1,091,765  On request
Electric car (free)
In Tuan Chau Marina, there will be a free electric car service to transfer HAA guests to their destinations within Tuan Chau Marina.
Speedboat (with charge)

In Tuan Chau Marina, there will be a speedboat service to transfer HAA guests to catch up with their scheduled cruise in case the cruise has already left. Guests are responsible for the paying the cost of this service.

Below is the price per speedboat per way (VND):

Speedboat capacity  2 - 4 pax  4 - 8 pax  8 - 10 pax  >10 pax
Price per speedboat/way   4,117,647 4,117,647 5,294,118 On request



In case of the cancellation of one service (seaplane or cruise) due to bad weather, supplier's operation or any reasons requested by the supplier, but the other service is normally provided to customer, the refundable amount is just only the amount of cancelled service. In case customer would like to cancel the whole package (including seaplane service and cruise service), the refundable amount is the amount of the cancelled service (which be requested by supplier as mentioned above).

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