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Passengers with special requirements have to be accompanied by a passenger over eighteen (18) years old who has a ticket, unless the former can move independently and does not need the assistance in using boarding stairs. The Carrier is unable to supervisor if the passenger cannot move by himself; however, the Carrier may provide some certain services if required. The Carrier will offer to charge some services provided by the third party. The services may not be available on all flights on account of the limitations of the air stations, domestic airports, and landing places. Please contact Customer service center of the Carrier for more information.

Check in

It is reminded that if passengers require special support when moving on the aircraft of the Carrier, these passengers have to make a reservation through the Customer service center of the Carrier at least three (3) days prior to his departure date and the ticket must be confirmed by the Carrier or in other written forms. In case Customer service center has not confirmed the passenger’s requirement of special support, services will not be available for the passengers at the time the passengers arrive at the airport and the Carrier will refuse to carry the passengers.



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